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    The Bonanza area of the Yankee Fork valley derives its name from the mining town established in 1877 and the sense of optimism held by early miners. Beginning in 1933, the Civilian Conservation Corps camped in the area while they participated in fire suppression, tore down old structures, built Forest Service guard stations, and restored the old toll road to become the Custer Motorway. Turning west onto FS Road 074, after what remains of Bonanza City, visitors will see the Bonanza Guard Station, which is home to seasonal Forest Service employees. Further up the road is the Forest Service helispot, the historic CCC group reservation campground, Bonanza and Boot Hill cemeteries, and the West Fork Yankee Fork Trailhead. As you explore Bonanza, scan the mountain ridges and meadows for mountain goats, mule deer, and elk. Listen for the chirping of ground squirrels and the call of osprey and eagles.