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    Visitor Ethics, Site Etiquette, and Safety

    Recreating on our public lands means you must be a mindful visitor and a good steward of the resources available across the Forest. Below are some recommendations to ensure your visit to the Yankee Fork is safe, enjoyable, and sustainable for future visitors:

    • Pack out all garbage you bring into the Forest. Utilize the trash cans available at Custer to properly dispose of waste.
    • Do not do tracings of headstones at cemeteries.
    • Leave artifacts where you find them. Glass and metal artifacts are everywhere around the trails of Custer; please leave all material where it is so the next visitor can enjoy this rich history.
    • Please do not touch artifacts you see at Custer. Many of these items are over 100 years old. Oils from our hands can degrade material quality, moving objects could break them, and touching sharp or rusted items could be unhealthy or unsafe for you to handle.
    • Historical remains are protected by law so please help us save the past.
    • Respect all land boundaries, especially private property and patented land/mining claims.
    • Drive with caution along the Yankee Fork Road and Motorway, being aware of wildlife and other Forest visitors.